Mr. Smith Inc.

To make intelligent, extraordinary products with respect for the worker, the environment and the consumer.

We adhere to Mr. Smith's three founding principles:

  • Socially Responsibility Starts With Us. Treat employees and customers with respect, don't overuse scarce resources, or earn profits at the expense of human decency. Talk to the best in each other.
  • Taking Action Starts With Us. Our first product Jimi™ could be made more cheaply overseas, but we wanted to try something different and make it right here at home. That way we know where it's made, who makes it and what goes into it. US manufacture also allows us to react quickly to our customers needs.
  • We Don't Have All The Answers. Far from it. We encourage your opinion and comments. The ultimate test of any product is putting it in front of you: the cruel, judgmental, discerning experts on what you like, and the final arbiters of what we do. .
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